Slowing Down & Chicken Salad

This past weekend I was able to take some time to slow down. Some of the leaders for our high school ministry group spent Friday and Saturday together at a lake house in Michigan that was generously open to us from a family in our church. It was the perfect 24 hour get away.


DSC_0800Bonfires, worship, and good food. We got to spend time learning more about each other, recharging before starting a new ministry year, and taking our own time to spend with God.

DSC_0798With training camp still going on, and J working long days, I’m still working on keeping myself busy. Between getting home from work and J getting home, I have a wonderful to do list in my head. I’m lucky if half of it gets done. As long as I don’t spend the whole evening sitting on the couch, I guess I’ve been a little successful. Continue reading


Beliefs and Brownies

This past Thursday and Friday I had the great opportunity to join some of my coworkers for the 20th Global Leadership Summit. It was an absolutely incredible experience to learn more about how being a leader and a Christ-follower are so intertwined. While we learned new tips and strategies about crucial conversations, dealing with conflict, and encouraging our coworkers, I also came to a new self realization. 

DSC_0767I am very different from most of my coworkers. While we stood to worship, I did my best to focus my heart on praising God, but kept getting distracted, by the people next to me talking, sitting, and even asking me questions. As the day went on, i couldn’t help but noticed how hardened some hearts were towards the Gospel, and it broke my heart.  Continue reading


About a week ago, I had the privilege to volunteer in Garfield Park with some of my coworkers. We were working with an organization called Breakthrough Urban Ministries. One of the programs that this ministry puts on during the summer months is an event called Homecourt.

Emily was great at making the kids feel special!

They are in their six season of throwing these block party type events for a neighborhood that is poverty and violence stricken. A study has proven that by hosting these events, violent crime during the summer has dropped 52%! It’s amazing what a positive influence can have on an entire community

My brother, Steve, playing soccer with some of the boys.

My brother, Steve, playing soccer with some of the boys.

We spent the afternoon (after a torrential downpour) making crafts, grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, playing games with the kids, and just being a light in a neighborhood that sees a lot of darkness. I was shocked by how many kids were there without their parents. By the end of the night I was exhausted, and it looked like I had gotten into a fight with Tinkerbell (there was a LOT of glitter!). But afterwards I was just so thankful that there is a ministry in Chicago that is providing a safe place for these wonderful, and innocent children, and that their efforts are truly forming a better community.

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And so it begins…

I have been contemplating starting a blog for way too long now. I could never figure out just what I wanted it to be about, and always second guessed myself if this was something that I could pull off. Who would want to read about my crazy life anyway?

But after getting some confidence boosters from some friends, and my husband, I thought “why not?”, I might as well just give it a try. This could just be another page a year from now that I barely touch. But you never know if you’re going to succeed at something if you don’t take the effort to even try to start.

So here I am. And here we are at the start of the 2014 football season. We’ve been married for two months and are finally starting to adjust to schedules, and within the next week everything is about to change again. With training camp starting next Tuesday, I will see very little of J, leaving me with a lot of time to try and be productive. Hopefully I use that time wisely!

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