Maple & Garlic Salmon

Hey there! It’s been awhile and I’ve been seriously procrastinating on sharing one of my favorite recipes with you.

A few updates from my last post:

Thanksgiving at our house was very different this year, but still just as wonderful. We crammed six college football players into our small living room, while also hosting my parents and my brother. A total of 11 people to feed, and we definitely did not skimp on feast. We had more than 10 lbs. of mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (which I made for the first time), plenty of stuffing, corn, rolls, gravy, and 3 TURKEYS! My mom and I over prepared. There was so much food left over that we sent each of the guys home with a bowl of leftovers to eat for later that night. I felt like I had to force them to eat dessert, and we were still left with 2 whole pies.

It was great to have my family in town for Thanksgiving weekend. My mom and I were able to take the train into Chicago for our traditional Black Friday lunch with my best friend Elizabeth and her mom in the Walnut Room inside Macy’s. And we also enjoyed the last football game of the season. We are done for the year. The last game was so great and you can tell that everyone was playing hard. We lost by 14-12, but we had one heck of a season and I couldn’t be prouder of my husband for all of his work that he put into this year.

J’s birthday was the first week of December. I’ve been joking with him that I was throwing him a surprise party. This year, I thought that I would just surprise him by having one of his best friends and his wife over for dinner. That would have been a perfect surprise. We had everything coordinated. J would be getting home at 6:45, and our guest would arrive a little after 7. Tim texted me that the main road to our house was blocked by police officers so they were taking another route. So I thought we might as well start dinner, and they could join us soon after. I was by the stove putting the main course on our plates, when I heard my phone get a text, followed by my husband asking me “what’s in 7 minutes?” DANG! I left my phone on the kitchen table. You could instantly tell by my face that there was some sort of surprise that had just been ruined. I’m a horrible liar. So instead of Tim and Jen surprising my husband, J got to yell surprise when he opened the front door. We still had a great dinner, and enjoyed each others company.

Maple & Garlic Salmon - Tackling Life

Maple & Garlic Salmon – Tackling Life

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