Halloween Bark

What a busy couple of weekends! I feel like I have constantly been on the go, yet there has been so much to celebrate! Last weekend I was able to go back to my hometown to witness one of my best friends from high school marry her high school sweetheart and one of my oldest childhood buddies. I am so happy for them and wish them a lifetime of adventure and love! I also tried to spend as much time as I could with my parents, and it was great that they could be my dates to the wedding since J had to stay home for football. I was a little bummed that he wasn’t able to meet all my friends who were in town but I was also missing all of his former teammates who were back for the homecoming football game. Wish I could have been in two places at once!

This weekend my in laws came to visit. I absolutely loved having them! Since they live so far away, we take advantage of the time when they are here and try to pack in as much as we can. They were able to help celebrate another football win to continue this at 5 – 0, and I got to share great news when I woke up to a 5:47 am text (what was my brother thinking??) to find out that I am getting a sister!! I am so excited for my oldest brother and his engagement, and couldn’t be happier about his choice of future bride. Our family absolutely adores her and she makes my brother incredibly happy! Congrats Joe and Caitlin!


I’ve been feeling very fall festive as of late. I don’t know what it is, but I am enjoying the cooler weather, the fall theme decorations, and all of the seasonal flavors. I came up with a great treat for the guys this week, with all the best flavors. Peanut Butter & Chocolate.

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Maple & Caramel Brownie Bars

Wow have I been busy! I’ve been trying to find some time to share what’s been going on around here, and before I knew it….IT’S OCTOBER!! How crazy is that?

We spent our last weekend in September making a quick trip to Boston. It was the bye week, which means we must take advantage of a free weekend of no football! Since this was the only time this weekend would ever fall on the same day as our niece’s birthday party, we thought we would surprise her! Minus a few issues at the airport (every flight out of Chicago was canceled that morning) we were able to pull off a complete surprise for a very happy soon to be six year old! It was also great to spend a day with J’s sister and her family. We flew back the next morning, took a nap, and got ready to start the week with our Sunday night activities.

Maple&Caramel Brownie Bars

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Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Well it has been a busy two weeks! Last weekend I had one of my best friend’s bachelorette party, and a football game in Kalamazoo! This weekend we had my parents in town, and we were dog sitting for my brother. And between those two weekends I was busy getting the house cleaned, baking for the players, getting in a few workouts, spending time with the other coach’s wives and putting together goodie bags for the team, and I started a new Bible study this week with our women’s group at church.

I took a long and much needed nap today.

For my friend’s bachelorette party, one of the other girls asked if I could make themed sugar cookies. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time to make dough from scratch, I thought I could easily make them from pre-made dough. That failed. I had very flat and wide heart shaped cookies. J was happy with that because he got to eat them. So I did some research and found a way that I could still use the pre-made dough, and have cookies that rise, hold their shape, and still taste good. I was so impressed with how they turned out that I ended up making personalized jersey cookies for the players. It was a lot of work, but they looked great!

Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookies - Tackling Life

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Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cupcakes

First game of the season is a win. It was a perfect day for football, and I have some great tan lines to show for it. Since J’s guys played so great I thought I would try something new and make frosting from scratch. I’m so glad that I did because it turned out great! I could have eaten it by the spoonful, but that would mean more time at the gym.

Since I just got a gym membership, I’ve been having to reorganize my schedule to include a few days a week there. I really have no excuses to not go, since the place is right across the street from where I work. It’s seriously a minute walk from parking lot to parking lot. Last week J challenged me to go 4 times in one week. Challenged is just a sweet way of saying that we made a bet, and I was too stubborn to lose that bet. I’m not a big fan of exercise, but I was surprised at how easy it was for me to go and work out for 40+ minutes and then be done. And I felt great! So now my goal is to go 3-4 times a week…..and eat less cupcakes.

Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cupcakes

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Mint Chocolate Pudding Cookies

Having a three day weekend has been a blessing. I got to spend great girl time with a friend, get some chores done, and just relax. But it wouldn’t have been this relaxing if my husband didn’t come to the rescue. On Thursday I was going to make myself a quick snack when I realized that we had a mouse in the kitchen!! This little pest had been all over our kitchen counter. So after I freaked out, J went and bought some traps while I thoroughly disinfected the kitchen. The next morning, the sneaky little mouse took the peanut butter off the trap! Luckily, we caught the guy Friday night while we were out for dinner and a movie. Hopefully he doesn’t have any more friends. I am very thankful that I am married and my husband is very good at taking care of situations like that. 


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Slowing Down & Chicken Salad

This past weekend I was able to take some time to slow down. Some of the leaders for our high school ministry group spent Friday and Saturday together at a lake house in Michigan that was generously open to us from a family in our church. It was the perfect 24 hour get away.


DSC_0800Bonfires, worship, and good food. We got to spend time learning more about each other, recharging before starting a new ministry year, and taking our own time to spend with God.

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Beliefs and Brownies

This past Thursday and Friday I had the great opportunity to join some of my coworkers for the 20th Global Leadership Summit. It was an absolutely incredible experience to learn more about how being a leader and a Christ-follower are so intertwined. While we learned new tips and strategies about crucial conversations, dealing with conflict, and encouraging our coworkers, I also came to a new self realization. 

DSC_0767I am very different from most of my coworkers. While we stood to worship, I did my best to focus my heart on praising God, but kept getting distracted, by the people next to me talking, sitting, and even asking me questions. As the day went on, i couldn’t help but noticed how hardened some hearts were towards the Gospel, and it broke my heart.  Continue reading